Below shows a table of the teachers, administrators, and staff of Belleville West in the 2001-2002 school year. The total count of the entire staff was 152.
Alan Alberter- Individualized Education
Debbie Alesaski- Business Office
Karen Altman- Individualized Education
Michael Anderson- Foreign Language
Slava Axenoff- Aide for BD

Noelle Bainter- IMC
Kathleen Baldus- Mathematics
Mary Barteau- IMC
Darcy Renway- Director of Business
Starla Bertinetti- Food and Nutrition
Mark Bergman- Campus Patrol
Ken Besse- Social Studies
Mary Besse- Physical Education
Laurie Bielong- English
Dr. Thomas Birkner- Music
Jeff Boyles- Mathematics
Tim Buchanan- Biological Science
Albert Buckles- Aide
Kelly Bujnak- Secretary to Assistant Principals
Julie Burch- Physical Science

Robert Cahalan- Aide
Jean Canale- Individualized Education
Brian Capell- Physical and Driver’s Education
Sharon Carter- Music
Cari Casper- Art
Curt Caswell- Business
Carnetta Chalmers- English
Joe Chmeleck- English
Marianne Cheleck- Foreign Language
Karen Coffin- Individualized Education

Bob Dahm- Assistant Principal
Sheryl Deets- Science
Kristin Demond- Individualized Education
Denise Douglas- English Counselor
Robin Dronen- Records Secretary
Tony Duenas- Individualized Education

Joan Ehret- Aide
Ryan Endsley- Mathematics
Catherine Epplin- Home Economics
Fram Etter- Foreign Language
William Evans- Art

Clayton Fisher- Science
Joan Foster- Individualized Education
Paul Fraser- Social Studies
Jeff Frecker- Social Studies
Richard Friederich- Mathematics

Steve Garland- Health
George Gasparich- Art
Bonnie Gessford- Science
Jeanne Goacher- Guidance

Renae Hardt- English & History
Liz Harris- Individualized Education
Charles Hasenstab- English
Laurel Heddens- Social Studies
Brandon Hentze- Social Studies
F.X. Heilgenstein- Art
Ann Herzing- Aide for BD
Bill Herling- Campus Patrol
Tammie Hettenhausen- Business
Phillip Highsmith- Physical Education
Megan Hoelscher- English
Fritz Holcomb- Social Studies
Bill Houck- Individualized Education
Ann House- Secretary- Assistant Superintendent
Marilyn Hughes- Mathematics

James Ivory- Physical Science
Paul James- Industrial Arts
Susan Jernigan- English
Nick Johnson- English

Bob Kaiser- Mathematics
Julie Karr- Mathematics
Rich Kasson- Aide for LD
Bob Keefe- Individualized Education
Mary Kissane- Foreign Language
Lynn Koehler- Foreign Language
Peter Kowalski- Auto Mechanics
Frank Kreml- English
Janet Kuehn- English

Mark Lanxon- Mathematics
John Lecuyer- Foreign Language
John Lodle- English
Joe Lombardi- Biological Science

Jason Mathenia- In- School Suspension
Pay Matysik- English
Jennifer McClellan- Individualized Education
Cathy McDonald- Individualized Education
Richard Mertens- Mathematics
Lee Meyer- Physical Education and Health
Anson Mitchell- Individualized Education
Bryan Mitchell- Biological Science
Michael Moore- Business
Angeles Moran- Foreign Language
Betty Mueller- English
Joy Mueller- Faculty Typist
Donna Mussulman- English

Cathy Nesbit- Secretary
Donny Nollman- Social Studies
Donna Norbet- Counselor

Cyndi Oberle- Social Studies
Keith Padgett- Social Studies
Jan Patrick Bellm- Assistant Principal
Scott Posey- Assistant Principal

Lisa Quandt- Individualized Education
Karen Ready- Physical Science
Michelle Renner- Secretary-Assistant Principal
Brian Rickey- Social Studies
Jeff Riley- Industrial Technology
Jamye Ritzel- Secretary
Charles Rodman- English
Mike Rogier- Physical Science
Arnold Rujawitz- Aide

Jennifer Sage- English
Mona Scheibel- Individualized Education
Bill Schmidt- Social Studies
Michelle Schmitt-Crafton- Social Studies
Dawn Schobert- Aide for LD
Lynn Schwoebel- Secretary- Assistant Principal
Al Sears- Physical Education and Driver’s ED
George Shea- English
Gary Shepek- Physical Science
Dr. Phillip R. Silsby- Principal
Sharon Smegner- Counselor
Audrey Smith- Counselor
Sandy Smith- Secretary- Business Manager
Jane Sperry- Physical Education
Jane Steinkuehler- Family and Consumer Science
Kristopher Stephens- Mathematics
Sally Stephens- Physical Education
Jeremy Stopka- Social Studies
Diney Strayhorn- Secretary to Principal
Mary Ellen Struze- English
Angie Sturgis- Aide for BD
Jesse Swift- Aide

Cherri Thompson- Business
Cindy Thompson- Nurse
Tony Thompson- Individualized Education
Tara Tieman- Individualized Education
Sandy Tinney- Business
Laura Twenhoefel- Assistant Bookkeeper
Cary Twesten- Biological Science


Amy Wallis- Mathematics
Michelle Washburn- Foreign Language
Patrick Watkins- Health
Patty Watkins- Jobs for Illinois Graduates
John Wehmeier- IMC
James Wiesen- Individualized Education
Merle Wilder- Foreign Language
Fred Wilson- Aide
Scott Wilson- Music


Bob Yagge- Mathematics
Crystal Yonker- Food & Nutrition

Robyn Zellmer- Secretary to the Principal

The student body consisted of 349 Seniors, 408 Juniors, 406 Sophomores, and 483 Freshman:
•Out of the 349 Seniors: 175 were girls & 174 were boys
25 of the students were African American making up 7% of the class
•Out of the 408 Juniors: 205 were girls & 203 were boys
31 of the students were African American making up 8% of the class
•Out of the 483 Sophomores: 245 were girls & 258 were boys
42 of the students were African American making up 10% of the class
•Out of the 483 Freshman: 245 were girls & 238 were boys
60 of the students were African American making up 12% of the class

The student body was diverse in their religious beliefs:
Atheist- 5%
Baptist- 7%
Catholic- 27%
Lutheran- 21%
Methodist- 16%
Mormon- 1%
Muslim- 3%
Pentecostal- 10%
United Church of Christ- 9%

2001-2002 was a very active year for Belleville West. There were around 35 clubs, 16 musical groups, and 14 sports/ teams to participate in keeping the student body and faculty involved on a day-to-day basis.

The clubs consisted of:
Little Theater
Pep Club
Student Council
Volunteer West
National Honors Society (NHS)
Renaissance Committee
Chess Club
Debate Team
Speech Team
World Youth Science and Engineering (W.Y.S.E.)
Math Team
Science Olympiad
Model U.N.
Photo Club
Equestrian Club
History Club
Odyssey of the Mind
Literary Club
Page One
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)
Future Teachers of America
Office Occupations
Youth Alive
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
German Club
French Club
Spanish Club
Latin Dance Team
Sewing Club
Maroon Majic

The Pep Club (right) was a very active group throughout the school with rallying events and keeping the students alive for extracarricular activity.
Front Row: Stacey Woelke, Meghan Kramp, Jessica Jobin, Katrina Hand, Kelli Smith, Brittany Pieper, Carly Brueggeman
Second Row: Elizabeth Henke, Jamie Weier, Cecila Modarelli, Jessica Jorns, Ashley Luberda, Melissa Jobin, Katie Ludgate, Christy Metzger, Cori Wheeler, Brandi Frischkorn
Third Row: Gianna Hacker, Elizabeth Bauer, Lindsay Eghigian, Elena Rodriguez, Lindsay Jorns, Lisa Bieri, Courtney Tiemann, Nicole VanPelt
Fourth Row: Shannon Strobo, Whitney Merz, Krista Carson
Ffifth Row: Lauren Richards, Emily Doll, Megan Greathouse, Ashley Frischkorn, Lauren Blick, Monica Castello
Sixth Row: Emily Vogel, Tara Altmansburger, Anna Carson, Dan Rybicki, Brian Ripperda


The HyNews (left) is a way for students to stay informed about student life during the school year. The HyNews is published nine times a year with a special Hobo Day issue, and a senior insert.
Front Row: Stewart Calhoun, Lindsay Martz, Sarah Schuessler, Brett Wobbe, Jessica Carr, Paul Toenjes, Jordan Bay
Second Row: Randi Roberts, Carlos Greer, Leigh Shelton, Jon Monteith, Cary Callison, Kate Sanders, Jenna Palovick, Ashlee Kreher, Amy Webster, Sarah Hass, Stacey Obst, Brandon Zollner, Erik Dronen
Third Row: Dan Pietroburgo, Suzy Fitzgerald, Derek Grimm, Stephanie Wolf, Monica Weilbacher, Briana Kassebaum, Molly Mernick, Lauren Williams, Amanda Parsons-Tweston, Becky Randolph, Kristin Keel, Danielle Sturgis, Morgan Ramclam, Erin Conners, Jon Brough, Becca Boyer

The Musical Groups held in Belleville West were:
Concert Choir
3A Chorus
3B Chorus
4A Chorus
Symphonic Band
West Orchestra
Concert Band
3A Treble Choir
3B Treble Choir
4A Treble Choir
5B Treble Choir
Bass Choir
West Jazz Band
4th Hour Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble

Sports were a large part of Belleville West. The sports were divided into a varsity and a junior varsity. If needed, a freshman team was available. The athletics for Belleville West included:
For Boys:
For Girls:
Cross Country
Cross Country
Dance Team

The pictures above (left to right) show some of the athletics offered at Belleville West:
  • The Maroons make a tackle during a play in a game. The team ended the season with a record of 5 wins and 5 loses.
  • The track team poses for a picture during a Belleville West track meet. Although the teams were separate, the kids stayed very close through the season.
  • Belleville West puts up a great block against Belleville East in a very intense volleyball game. Belleville East is always the game of the year during the girls' volleyball season.
  • The cheerleaders perform a routine in the school gym and freshman Lindsey Reinhardt holds up her heel during a cheer. The girls always had a way of pumping up the students.

There was one sport at Belleville West that was handled a little differently than the rest. The school did not have an official "swim team". This did not stop students from competing and representing the school. The main difficulty with having a Belleville West Swim Team was having easy access to a pool for practices. Many of the students would go to the YMCA to do their swimming. Swimming was the only off-campus sport for Belleville West.

Miss Maroon
Outside of academic and athletic life, students attained other successes. Miss Maroon is a ceremony where a few girls from the senior class get nominated for Miss Maroon, then the entire student body votes for one of the girls. The girls truly feel like queens for a day and are very excited to hear the results. On the day of the crowning, the entire school gets together in an assembly and waits for the candidates. The girls are announced and are escorted by an escort of their choice. After all the nominees are on stage, the retiring Miss Maroon makes an entrance to crown the winner.

The picture below (left) shows the nominees for Miss Maroon 2001-2002. The nominees were (left to right) Lindsey Irwin (escort Brian Behrmann), Jackie Morrison (escort Todd Davis), Jenny Mueth (escort Corey Scher), Courtney Tiemann (escort Dusty Carpenter), and Molly Mernick (escort Ryan Frank).

The other picture below (right) shows the retiring Miss Maroon, Kelly Graetz (escort Kyle Bendick) giving up her crown to the 2001-2002 Miss Maroon...Jenny Mueth escorted by Corey Scher!


Excuse Me! Where Is Your ID?
The school year 2001-2002 was the first year at Belleville West when students had to wear an ID. The new rule was very different for students to remember because IDs were so unfamiliar. The seniors were unhappy because wearing IDs was one more thing the kids had to remember to do, but on the plus side the seniors only had to wear IDs for one year. The lower classmen were more upset by the new rule but learned to deal with it quickly.

The rules with wearing an ID are quite simple. The ID must be on a lanyard and must be worn around the neck. Students may not wear other student's IDs. If a student happens to forget their ID, the student is able to get one free temporary ID during the year to wear. The purchase of a new ID can be paid for at the desk or charged to that student's account and paid for at the end of the year. It took a lot of staff involvement to remind kids to wear their IDs but through the year the students were remembering on their own.

The main purpose for wearing IDs was to assist the staff in knowing whether or not a child belonged there. With Belleville West being an open campus, visitors and/or strangers were able to access much of the school without security. IDs were a sense of identity and protection for the students, teachers, and the entire faculty.

The picture above was taken one morning before school at Belleville West. Dr. Jeanne Aguirre, Individualized Education teacher, patrols the campus and catches junior student Tiffany Dale without her ID.

The Attack That Shocked The World
On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 19 al Queda (violent Islamist group) terrorists hijacked 4 jet airliners. Two of the airliners were crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the third was crashed into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in rural Pennsylvania when some of the passengers and crew tried to retake control of the airliner.

The death toll was 2,995 including the hijackers. More than 6,000 were injured mainly from falling debris and medical fatalities.
The attacks shocked the nation. Lives were being taken by the second and the public was in complete panic on how to react. The attacks hit the news immediately and every television and radio was on that day.

Belleville West was no exception. Every available television was on and classrooms were filled with students trying to comprehend what was happening to our wonderful nation. The subject plans for the school day were cancelled because the attacks were too large of a distraction not to pay attention to. The students had many opinions on the attacks. Some thought the attacks were cowardly moves made by the terrorists, and others were scared that the attacks would head toward Scott Air Force Base next. No matter how one interpreted the events, the nation was never going to be the same. September 11, 2001 was surely going to be a date that no one will ever be able to forget.


The picture to the right shows Ms. Janet Kuehn's classroom filled with students watching the news during the September 11 attacks. Seniors Andre Silva, Stacey Woehlke, Paul Hackbarth, and Brandon Zollner watch the chaos on the television. Some of the classrooms did not have televisions so classes were merged to allow all the students to view the tragic event.

What's Hot, What's Not!
Throughout the years, students have always found a place to hang. The school had plenty of hangout spots for students. Some of the spots included the water fountains, the bathrooms, the cafeteria, and the parking lot. Even though the spots were available, there were some that the students were sure to avoid.

Water Fountain:
Girls' Gym
L Building
N Building
Cafeteria Food:
Sub Sandwiches
Parking Lot:
Sophomore Street

When students were not hanging out in school, the students were together somewhere else. These hang out places would range from arcades to bookstores and from friend's houses to the gym.

The yearbook for 2001-2002 ranked some of the top hot spots. With these hot spots, students were able to be with friends as much as possible and were never bored.
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
Saint Louis Bread Company
U. City
3 Js
Union Station
Brendan's and Teachers Pool Halls

Senior Guillermo Davis, Senior Jake Holtgrewe, Junior Robbie Kaiser, Senior Josh Luecking,
and Senior Scott Poole pose to show their school pride for the wonderful Belleville West.

This page was created by Amanda Hobbs ('11) and Katie Doerr ('11).